About Us

Metro Nursing Services, LLC is licensed to provide long-term Residential Care Services in Ramsey County. We provide nursing services in a home-like setting, with a maximum capacity of four.

Our mission is to provide the best residential care services. We are driven everyday to be one of the leading care providers available.

Our care providers are pre-screened, oriented to individual care and treatment plans. An experienced registered nurse provides staffing backup and 24/7 support.

Our Specialization

Tracheostomy and/or Ventilator-bound clients need constant care by nurses who receive high specialty training. This type of extended nursing care is called Private Duty Nursing or Extended Private Duty Nursing. This is so especially to prevent life-threatening emergencies such as formation of mucus plug Read More


Tracheostomy/Tracheotomy Care or Trach Care must be handled by a registered nurse or a care professional trained in such nursing procedure. It involves the care of the tracheotomy tube and ties which is extremely important to prevent skin infections or health complications. Read More

Our private duty nurses are able to educate, guide and help in the maintenance of a patient’s feeding tube. The proper use of which is important for patients to maintain their physical and nutritional health.

Feeding tubes can be used by patients while confined in a hospital. Read More